Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July Already

I swear we just got here and already it's July! Before I know it, its time to start school. Wow...Kenni and I have been Living la Vida Loca for sure and we are feeling fortunate. Let's see the latest and greatest was YESTERDAY...parasailing and amazing luau! Things are starting to settle down and shift into place and feel like home. I must admit we are definately missing our Colorado family like mad but know it's on;y a matter of time before they come out! I wanted to share a few a photos of yesterday to sum up the fun so please enjoy. Stay tunned in because I get to put on my artsy fartsy hat next week and craft up a storm! Charlie and Sandy are heading to the mainland so Kenni and I will be house sitting and painting cocnuts and sewing and swimming until our hearts content!
Until next time lovies...missing the Bluemoon and Popeyes poolside!

I heart this sign...

Getting ready for parasailing...

Awesome company!

Gotta love the wind in your hair when your speeding out to sea on a boat

Awe friends...


My baby bird...oh how I love her!!!!!