Thursday, March 18, 2010

I saw this beautiful lil photo and couldn't resist posting it. It's so true for me at this moment...LOVE IT. Today is going to be fabulous I can feel it...Sunshine and rainbows for everyone!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Irish this week was over already.....

Wishing that I didn't make myself so sick being such a worry wort!
A little St. Patrick's Day fun in the call center!
A Ballerina I am but it sure was fun pretending.

Suzie, I'm not sure what happened but I think your sickness seems to have moved into your eye.

Wishing that I was going to get to spend the weekend with my bestie but she will be in "magical" San Fran drinking delicious wine and eating yummy yummy cheese! A little green with envy I am.
The Iowa Fam will be in town this weekend and I am not wanting to that horrible? ??Kenni is so excited to see her cousin so I will have my game face on with my fancy shoes and pearls and of course do whatever I can to make the visit LOADS of FUN! Hoping Johnston's sisters don't chew me up and spit me out....uggggg sisters are a tough crowd! Crap why am I suddenly feeling my palms sweat and my heart beat faster just thinking of the awkward encounter.
This weekends must do list.....
1. Read
2. Practice some mental agility with current situation
3. Pack
4. Domestic Duties
5. Mail packages
6. Awkward encounter with the Iowans
7. Sunday Brunch at the Broadmoor
8. Vendue for Champagne and Cupcakes "Kimmie"
                   Cheyenne Mountain Resort
9. Scrapbooking other peoples pasts
10. Take Grandma Grandma to Walmart and hope that she doesn't try to escape!
Pretty sure there's more but my brain is shutting down and I have a big day ahead tomorrow!
Magandang Gabi

Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 1 Done.....

Caffine ruled my world today...I really wish I had one of these to cozie up my coffee cup!
Everyone at work seemed to be in a bit of an odd mood so I felt like I was working in a mad house. Why I decided to go back to this place I have no idea. Hopefully I will be making changes in the next few months. This place is not good for my health that is for can only handle so much stress before you look inward and decide enough is enough....I am good at what I do and I should be doing something fabulous with my knowledge and not flying in circles like a bird with one wing.
When I saw these I just wanted them!

I think I better get back to work so that I am ready to take the bull by the horns again tomorrow. Weekend I am already wondering when you will arrive. I can't wait to watch lacrosse and work on muscles all weekend. I'm such a nerd...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back to the grind

It's supposed to snow tonight and I can't wait.....
My new obssesion.....I can't stop crocheting! 
Thoughts for Kenni's 5th grade graduation party?????? I'm thinking Alice In Wonderland...Eat me :) Drink Me :) and tons of fabulous colors!
Ok on a seroius note...I am feeling super star lucky this week and I just want to say thanks! I picked up three new clients and they sure are lovely. So lovely that I will be sending thank you couture cupcakes out tomorrow!
The week ahead is going to be jam packed with goodness....
*My clients clients boss boss will be in town (Stress-O-rama)
*Kenni has lacrosse Monday...Wednesday...Friday...Sunday
*Chief Ale Tapping Event for MDA on Thursday night @ RockBottom...Meeting Amie discussing business options.   We figure two birds one stone. Business meeting and charity (check...check)
*Therapy session on Tuesday with Strength coach
* Goodbye Happy Hour for VP that resigned on friday....damn him!
*AFA Lacrosse game Sat @ noon
*New client on Sat at 5pm
This is just the stuff I can remeber off the top of my head. Am I really going to be able to make it? I will do my best to post my week in the photos should be good ones, entertaining at the very least.

Ta Ta Till then my friends.....