Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hump Day!.....

Oh my goodness its wednesday already and the week is almost over and I still have so much to do! This week has been super busy but I totally feel accomplished so I can't complain.
Tons of ideas swimming in my head WHERE do I begin?????? Anywhere that's where...atleast that's what I told myself.
DECLUTTER...The kitchen and my craft supplies. I figure an easy peasy(the kitchen) and
                         a challenging one(my CRAFT SUPPLIES) Oh how I heart all my supplies but truely they
                         need to organized in a bad bad way. Once I get them in order I have a strange feeling I will
                         use them more often!
Here are a few photos that are inspiring me.....Today is going to be fabulous!!!!!

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erin said...

Hey Lady! Hope the decluttering is coming along well. I know (from experience of course) that it can be frustrating when you have a BIGGER mess in the middle of the project than what you started with, but it will all be GREAT when you're finished! :)