Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just another weekend

The weekend arrived and I couldn't have been happier...My mom was helping out at the Farmer's Market (Mattie's Produce) Mattie is an adorable petite Filipina Lady that has the best produce in the town market. Mattie and my mom hit it off and have been hanging out ever since! The part I love the most is that whenever Mom and Mattie hang out, Mom brings home delicious FRESH veggies!!!!!! I have been eating so healthy that it's scary...well except for the handful of doritos or spoonful if toasted coconut ice cream :) Enough about my lovely eating habits and on to the FUN stuff.
The 2nd Annual Don The Beachcomber Mai Tai Festival was on Saturday and 3rd Eye Blind had a concert Pool Side. Talk about good times. There were many interesting things happening and lots to look at for sure! Check out a group photo of some of the individuals that I mingled with...
I must admit the Mai Tai's were yummy and everyone was in good spirits. I needed a good night out with a few laughs. I ran into my friends Charlie and Sandy (LOVE them) and we exchanged the usual
kiss, hug and 411 in 2 minutes or less while we indulged in Mai Tai's and then buzzed around the room. I can't wait to watch Bronco Football with Sandy...she's a hoot and a holla!
Kenni had movie night with friends and Mom relaxed at home with her feet up and a good book...Everything was almost perfect. The only thing missing were these ladies...
I love these ladies and I miss them sooooooooo much! I can't wait till we all get to reconnect!

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