Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Funday

Check out what's happening in the studio this week....Yummy
This is a garland that Tara and whipped up together to decorate the shop :) I heart it! Tara really enjoyed wrapping herself up in it...said "It makes me feel beautiful!"
How cute is this...I think it looks Super Glam don't you?
This little cutie is wearing a pair of Higgle and Piggle's fabulous summer earrings....Higgle and Piggle is putting together a summer survival kit together for the ladies and I couldn't be more tickled!!!
This little beauty was no created in our fabulous studio :) but it is an amazing gift from a friend and I LOVE it SOOOOOO much! Hello world please say hello to my new lil friend Oswaldo! 
Well friends it's Fun Friday and there is so much to be accomplished for this fun filled Easter weekend and I need to get to business. I have coffee to drink...baskets to spray paint ( I love the smell of paint) grass to shred...dresses to iron and dazzle up...the list goes on. 
Enjoy and I can't wait to see all the pretty photos of Easter traditions! 

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